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Studio 207 - Diamond Wave

THEYFRIEND with Peekaboo, LOTUS BOY, Edgar Fabián Frías and Kevin Seaman by Robby Sweeny.j

Diamond Wave

Diamond Wave Logos_Stamp-Black (1).png
  • Diamond Wave is a queer arts organization that produces diverse, artistic and cultural events that bring together disparate segments of LGBTQIA2S+ community (and our allies) in the Bay Area and beyond. We also offer community-based consulting that authentically supports the growth and stability of our artists and arts workers.

  • Diamond Wave currently operates three programs: the MASCellaneous creative workshop series exploring queer masculinities, the THEYFRIEND nonbinary performance festival, and the Artists’ Adaptability Circles seed funding and leadership development program (in collaboration with Emerging Arts Professionals,  La Peña Cultural Center, SOMArts Cultural Center and MACLA).

  • More information at or sign up for our newsletter.

Artists Adaptability Circles by Toddy Berman.jpeg
MASCellaneous How We Roll with Jae Rouse Iñiguez, Nick Ishimaru, Holly Graphic and Kai Kai
MASCellaneous Corn Fed featuring Landa Lakes and audience by Rhiannon Evans MacFadyen.jpeg
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