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2830 - 20th Street   San Francisco, CA 94110   (Enter at 20th Street Gate) by appointment only.  415-935-3641


Studio 207 - Chelley Sherman

Chelley Sherman - Visual Interactive Artist

Chelley Sherman is a virtual artist from San Francisco. Her work is governed by patterns and texture which harness the neural systems that underlie enthrallment in darkness, ritual, reverie. Her practice consists of experiments in extended realities, virtual and augmented, as well as interactive sound installations and AV performances. Using computational methods and researching cognitive processes of perception, she explores the relationship between light and sound and resulting psychoacoustic effects in spatial sonic architectures and landscapes. 

Her works have been presented in installation and performances in media arts festivals including Mutek, SXSW, and Movement in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Detroit, and New York. She has also given talks and lectures at IDEO, Gray Area, and Adobe Research.   Her works have also been featured in the Creators Project, Forbes, Wired, TechCrunch and BBC Radio. She has previously been a member of Mozilla’s XR studio, and is currently a member of Berlin based XR Coven.